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Who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Welcome to Hi Tech Lockers

Have you been looking online for lockers but are having difficulty navigating the jargon-filled and options-limited online range? Are you trying to find the ideal storage solution for the space and user-quantity that you have in your workplace or storage area?

At Hi Tech Lockers, we pride ourselves on our problem-solving abilities. With decades of industry experience, you’re sure to find the right locker for the right job at the right price.

Australian Made

Custom Experts

Nationwide Shipping

Lifetime Warranty

Arrives Assembled

Whether it’s a single door storage locker for your garage at home, or 2000 doors that need to be keyless and handle public access, we have the lockers for you.

Hi Tech Lockers primarily focuses on Australian Made products. We find that the quality, durability, access to customisability coupled with fast and easy after sales support is unrivalled.

If you’re ready to find out how we can help you with your next locker purchase, browse our range or get in contact with us today. With access to Australia’s leading locker manufacturers, if we can’t do it for you it can’t be done!


Steel From Bluescope in Sydney

100% recyclable with up to 20% recycled materials, you can rest assured that when you are finished with your lockers they will be refined back into usable steel for the next generation of steel products in Australia.

Powder Coat from Melbourne

Our premium paint suppliers include Dulux and Interpon. Our powder coat is no VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) ensuring the least amount of harmful gasses enter the environment, whatever the colour choice is.

Locks Made in Melbourne

The most commonly used locks are manufactured locally, in Melbourne by our primary locking partner.

Carrier Services Local to You

Our lockers travel by road or rail, through networks of carriers who come to your area regularly. This ensures the vehicle is full of goods and not doing special trips unless we absolutely have to.

When it is Time to Refit

We have decided it is our duty to act as stewards for the steel lockers that we supply. If you are doing a refit and have existing metal lockers that need to go, we can help! Our team can organise the recycling of your old metal lockers. This recycled steel will end up back with Bluescope, at which point the cycle can begin again!