The NEW Anti Graffiti Lockers will be a fantastic addition to your school, end of trip facility or other shared space. If you're concerned about the cost of cleaning or the impact that unsightly graffiti will have on your facility, consider anti graffiti lockers. All without sacrificing your choice in colour.


Our steel anti graffiti lockers feature lifetime warranties, are supplied assembled and have a range of locking options. You won't be stuck reordering lost keys if you opt for our padlock, digital or smart card options.

Hi Tech Lockers can supply anywhere in Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast and more. Get in touch today and get ready to have your expectations exceeded.


Anti Graffiti Lockers feature a protective polyurethane coating, Interpon EasyClean™. Interpon EC allows for the simple and rapid removal of most forms of graffiti using common solvents without causing dullness or damage to the coating.

Want to know more before you check our the locker range?

Need tips on how to prevent graffiti on your lockers?

Anti graffiti powder coat isn't the only way to minimise the risk of vandals in your locker room.

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