Why Antibacterial lockers are Australia’s next essential fitout requirement

It’s widely understood that lockers are a high traffic item. There are multiple reasons for this. The increase in prevalence of hot-desking; where multiple employees share the same lockers throughout the work week. The development of better digital technology; allowing public access with secure locking 24 hours a day.  The potential for transfer for harmful bacteria in public areas such as schools, hospitals, , gyms, nursing homes or doctor offices throughout Australia is well worth concern. Hi Tech Lockers is proud to present Antibacterial Lockers to address this concern. Manufactured by Statewide, incorporating BioCote® Antibacterial Technology, our Antibacterial lockers have protection infused right into the powder coat.

1 Door Antibacterial Locker – Australian Made – White – Steel

With the onslaught of MRSA, E. Coli, the influenza virus and more, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties are increasingly in demand. Healthcare managers, superintendants and other key leaders are looking for solutions for themselves and their clients that are permanent and cost effective. BioCote is a permanent additive that does not dissipate over time or scratch off.

Antimicrobial VS Antibacterial

So what does antimicrobial and antibacterial actually mean? Antibacterial means the product prevents the growth of bacteria. Antimicrobial means the product prevents the growth of microbes, mold, fungus, bacteria and even viruses. BioCote protected lockers are actually antimicrobial, meaning they protect users against multiple harmful nasties.


About BioCote


  • The Antibacterial Technology is based on globally trusted Silver Ion Additives. Once manufactured into the storage surface via the powder coat, the technology will offer lasting protection from bacteria, including superbugs such as MRSA and E.coli.


  • The Anti-mould Technology will minimise the growth of all types of mould, and is safe for use in plastics, paints, coatings, fabrics and many other material types to reduce the risk of unsightly and potentially harmful growths.


  • BioCote® Antiviral Technology makes a product effective against viruses, such as the prevalent H1N1 influenza virus. Like all of BioCote’s Antimicrobial Additives, it is perfect for use in hygiene conscious environments such as hospitals, schools and care homes.


Untreated Surface

On an untreated surface, the bacteria thrive and reproduce considerably.

BioCote® Treated Surface

On a BioCote® treated surface, the bacteria cannot survive and reduce by up to 99.99% within 2 hours.

Whether you’re doing a refurb, or working on a new installation of lockers, consider Antibacterial Lockers from Hi Tech Lockers.

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