Best Mobile Phone Lockers for 2023 Primary School Mobile Phone Ban

The Best Mobile Phone Lockers addressing the Mobile Phone Ban in schools.

This article was originally written in 2019 when Victoria enacted the mobile phone ban in schools. We though it was worthy of a refresh now that New South Wales public schools are banning phones in schools as well.

What have you done about the mobile phone ban for your school? As reported on the NSW Government website, phones are banned in NSW public schools in term 4 of 2023. Our original article on the ban “How Aussie Primary Schools are Dealing with the Mobile Phone Ban”.  Following consultation with school administrators anxious to be compliant with the new mobile phone ban, we’ve come up with a list of the best mobile phone locker solutions. You’re sure to find the right lockers for your school size and layout. If you’re still thinking about where new lockers can be installed, be sure to check out our article here about where to install mobile phone lockers.

Mini Mobile Phone Lockers, Wall Mountable

Mini Mobile Phone Lockers are steel, wall mountable and perfectly suited for phone storage. The standard style is pictured above. The high strength hinges and ability to bolt it to a wall make it a very secure locker, which lowers the risk of student or parent complaints about lost or damaged property. These mini lockers feature an internal door perimeter. This makes forced entry more difficult.

Mini Locker Mechanical Combination Lock Keyless 800x800

Locking options include:

  1. Key lock
  2. Provision for padlock
  3. Mechanical combination
  4. Digital code lock

These are the non-charging option, which is fine as students shouldn’t be accessing phones during their breaks. They can switch their phones off, put them in their designated locker and collect them at the end of the school day. Charging is certainly an option however, it it suits your school’s budget.

Due to their incredibly small size – just enough to fit smart phones in fact, hundreds of compartments can be wall mounted in a hallway or other publicly visible area around the school.


Our mini mobile phone lockers also have the option of a shatter resistant clear acrylic, which makes assessment of school-wide use quick and easy.

Find more information on Mini Mobile Phone Lockers here.


Mobile Phone Charging Lockers, Wall Mountable

The Mobile Phone Charging Lockers are a premium storage solution, allowing phones to be fully charged when students collect them at the end of the day. Our phone charging lockers are made of steel and feature USB charging capabilities coupled with all the same key options and strength benefits as the non charging Mini Lockers already talked about above.


Find information about the Mobile Phone Charging Lockers Here

Teacher-Controlled Mini Lockers


The admin control mini lockers feature an outer admin access door that ensures all the internal compartments (either 30 or 60 per unit) are restricted until a teacher is present. It has had proven success in some schools around Australia. A secondary benefit is that when closed, it looks like any other wall mounted energy box cover, which reduces the risk of theft if mounted outdoors.

Device Charging Lockers with or without student access


If you prefer a larger locker solution to ensure that your students have a fully charged phone, tablets and laptops when they collect them at home time, our Device Charging Lockers are the way to go. These are not wall mountable and require a power source nearby, however what they lose in portability they make up in functionality. Charging lockers can have your choice of standard power outlets and USB charge ports. Each door can be keyed or keyless combination lock.

These are a soft-wired product which means you just plug them into a standard Australian wall socket and they are ready to use. No electrician required.

The main difference in the single door variant is that all the compartments are housed behind a single door. This means that the locker can only be opened by a teacher at the end of the day. While it is an option worth listing here, it may not be practical as there is always the risk of a student accidentally taking the wrong phone. That can’t happen when they only have access to their own compartment as shown in the other listed options.

Find more information on the Device Charging Lockers here.

These lockers have been selected based on the feedback of schools that have already placed orders for mobile phone lockers. If you would like assistance in getting your school compliant with the mobile phone ban, contact Hi Tech Lockers today. Call us on 1300 1755 99 for a free quote, or to book a site visit and measure.

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