Best Mobile Phone Lockers for 2019 Primary School Mobile Phone Ban

The Best Mobile Phone Lockers addressing the Mobile Phone Ban in schools.

What have you done about the mobile phone ban for your school? As reported by the ABC, phones are banned in schools as of January 2019. Our original article on the ban “How Aussie Primary Schools are Dealing with the Mobile Phone Ban”.  Following consultation with school administrators anxious to be compliant with the new mobile phone ban, we’ve come up with a list of the best mobile phone locker solutions. You’re sure to find the right lockers for your school size and layout. If you’re still thinking about where new lockers can be installed, be sure to check out our article here about where to install mobile phone lockers.


Mini Mobile Phone Lockers, Wall Mountable

Mobile Phone Mini Lockers with Keyless Access

Mobile Phone Mini Lockers with Keyless Access

Mini Mobile Phone Lockers are available in a standard style and a high strength style. The standard style is pictured above. It has normal hinges and a light weight design, and is well suited to a low risk environment. The high strength variety is pictured below with clear doors. The hinges are concealed or embedded, and each door has a perimeter surround. This makes forced entry more difficult. Either option are a secure, space saving way for students to store their phones during school hours. These are the non-charging option, which makes sense because children ideally won’t be accessing the phones during their breaks. They can switch their phones off, put them in their designated locker and collect them at the end of the school day.

Both our high strength and our standard Mini Mobile Phone Lockers can be wall mounted, which means even a modest wall can hold 80 or 100 student phones. This tends to be the most affordable option, but price really depends on the locking system you choose.

Our mini mobile phone lockers also have the option of a shatter resistant clear acrylic, which makes assessment of school-wide use quick and easy.


Mini Mobile Phone Lockers with Shatter Resistant Acrylic Doors

Find more information on Mini Mobile Phone Lockers here.

Mobile Phone Charging Lockers, Wall Mountable


Mini Mobile Phone Charging Lockers

The Mobile Phone Charging Lockers are the high-strength mini lockers’ up-market cousin. With the same manufacturing style and similar dimensions (740mm high instead of 600mm) the charging lockers offer a secure and convenient way to house student phones during school hours. The phone charging lockers are made of steel and feature USB charging capabilities coupled with all the same key options and strength benefits as the non charging Mini Lockers already talked about above.

Find information about the Mobile Phone Charging Lockers Here


Device Charging Lockers with or without student access


Charging Lockers with or without Student Access

If you want a full size locker solution to ensure that your students have a fully charged phone, tablets and laptops when they collect them at home time, our Device Charging Lockers are the way to go. These are not wall mountable and require a power source nearby, however what they lose in portability they make up in functionality. Charging lockers can have your choice of standard power outlets and USB charge ports. Each door can be keyed or keyless combination lock.

The main difference in the single door variant is that all the compartments are housed behind a single door. This means that the locker can only be opened by a teacher at the end of the day. While it is an option worth listing here, it may not be practical as there is always the risk of a student accidentally taking the wrong phone. That can’t happen when they only have access to their own compartment as shown in the other listed options.

Find more information on the Device Charging Lockers here.

These lockers have been selected based on the feedback of schools that have already placed orders for mobile phone lockers. If you need help getting your school compliant with the new mobile phone ban, get in touch with Hi Tech Lockers today for a free quote, or a site visit and measure.

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