Plastic Lockers: ABS vs HDPE. What’s the difference?


When selecting plastic lockers for any setting, whether it’s for a school, gym, workplace, or industrial environment, the choice of material plays a crucial role in determining the locker’s suitability. Typically our customers are deciding between steel, laminate (timber) or plastic lockers. However, this article is for people who are leaning towards plastic locker solutions.…

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A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Locker Lock Types

digital locker lock

Private Mode, Public Mode and Remote Allocation In an increasingly digital world, security is of paramount importance. There will always be a place for key lockers, but this article’s focus is on digital lockers and some of the options within that category, to help you select the right lock for your environment. This guide delves…

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How the Garment Swap Locker Optimises Uniform Management


Introduction Uniform management is an essential aspect of many industries, including mechanics, large restaurants, and factory workers. However, organising and allocating uniforms may be a challenging and time-consuming procedure, particularly when working with a sizable workforce. The Garment Swap Locker is a sophisticated uniform management solution that simplifies the procedure, improving productivity and lowering costs…

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Why Australian Made Lockers are Worth the Investment

Australian made lockers

Australian Made Vs Imported Lockers When considering Australian Made lockers vs imported lockers for your business, organisation or school, there are a lot of options available on the market. It’s difficult to know which option is the best for your needs. In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of buying an Australian made locker…

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Steel Lockers: A Comprehensive Overview


The Advantages of Choosing Steel Lockers for Your Storage Needs Steel lockers are a great option for a variety of settings, including gyms, offices, and schools. They offer a number of benefits, making them a fantastic choice for these locations. Our steel lockers’ quality and longevity are two of its major advantages because they are…

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Lockers with Timers: Hands Off Approach


How Lockers with Timers for Can Keep Users Satisfied One of the biggest complaints about locker rooms is not being able to get a locker because they’re all in use. This causes problems for locker administrators also, when clever patrons reserve their preferred locker compartments by simply keeping it locked all the time, whether they’re…

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Automatic Code Lockers for Gyms: Why You Need Them

automatic code locker lock black

Why Automatic Code Lockers are Amazing for Patrons and Gym Owners Alike Gym lockers are a common feature in many gyms around Australia, and rightly so. By there very nature, there are patrons coming and going on their own schedule who have a need for secure storage of their personal belongings. Since many gyms have…

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Garment Lockers a.k.a Clothing Store Lockers: What to choose?

garment lockers by hi tech lockers

The problem with the locker industry is that most people don’t know the name of the lockers they’re searching for. We call them all sorts of things: aeration lockers, clean and dirty lockers, garment lockers. Always searching for names that make sense to buyers instead of manufacturers. You might be searching for “lockers for dirty…

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Locker Lock Buying Guide

lock buying guide

What Lock Do You Need For Your Lockers? Key, Padlock, Combination, Digital, Smart Card or Coin Operated? Whether you are buying lockers for your office of 20 employees or a police station of 200 officers, there aren’t many lockers that can do without a lock. When the question “What lock do you need for your…

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