Where Should You Install Mobile Phone Lockers in Primary Schools?


Installing New Mobile Phone Lockers because of the mobile phone ban? As addressed in our recent article, The new legislation has introduced a new logistical issue for all Australian primary schools. That is, where to install mobile phone lockers? The good news is, we’ve been out to some local Sydney schools for site assessments, helping…

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How Aussie Primary Schools Are Dealing with the Mobile Phone Ban


The mobile phone ban in primary schools should come as no surprise to parents, teachers and administrators alike. In a bid to improve the mental health of students, all Australian primary schools will be required to restrict all mobile phone use during school hours as of January 2019. Psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg, who led the review…

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4 Affordable Keyless Locker Solutions (and why you want them)


Why the Client Doesn’t Get to Hear About Keyless Locker Solutions (Despite it saving them hours of labour after the fitout is complete) Let us paint a picture before getting into the guts of this article. You’re a designer working on a new hospital that has a requirement for lockers. You have 500 staff who…

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Why Antibacterial lockers are Australia’s next essential fitout requirement

Antibacterial Lockers

It’s widely understood that lockers are a high traffic item. There are multiple reasons for this. The increase in prevalence of hot-desking; where multiple employees share the same lockers throughout the work week. The development of better digital technology; allowing public access with secure locking 24 hours a day.  The potential for transfer for harmful…

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