Plastic Lockers: ABS vs HDPE. What’s the difference?


When selecting plastic lockers for any setting, whether it’s for a school, gym, workplace, or industrial environment, the choice of material plays a crucial role in determining the locker’s suitability. Typically our customers are deciding between steel, laminate (timber) or plastic lockers. However, this article is for people who are leaning towards plastic locker solutions.…

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Garment Lockers a.k.a Clothing Store Lockers: What to choose?

garment lockers by hi tech lockers

The problem with the locker industry is that most people don’t know the name of the lockers they’re searching for. We call them all sorts of things: aeration lockers, clean and dirty lockers, garment lockers. Always searching for names that make sense to buyers instead of manufacturers. You might be searching for “lockers for dirty…

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Locker Lock Buying Guide

lock buying guide

What Lock Do You Need For Your Lockers? Key, Padlock, Combination, Digital, Smart Card or Coin Operated? Whether you are buying lockers for your office of 20 employees or a police station of 200 officers, there aren’t many lockers that can do without a lock. When the question “What lock do you need for your…

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The Power of Performance Powder Coats for Lockers

Performance Powder Coats 300x300

Powder coat is the first thing you see when you use a locker, and the last thing you think about. Performance powder coats for lockers, on the other hand, are selected for their utility as well as their appearance. Performance powder coats are coatings with additional properties beyond their aesthetic. This article goes into more…

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Sports Locker Buying Guide: How to Buy Steel Sports Lockers for Your Facility

Steel Sports Locker Buying Guide

Sports Lockers Buying Guide Steel sports lockers are used by student athletes, and also at sporting facilities such as soccer clubs, cricket clubs and football clubs. Other facilities such as Golf Clubs and RSLs throughout Australia also use sports lockers. When purchasing sports lockers, here are some important considerations: Construction Assembly Configuration Number of Openings…

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An Introduction to Essential Locker Features

Intro to lockers artwork hi tech lockers

What is a Locker? Lockers are a storage product that are commonly used in schools, gyms, hospitals, pools, and work environments. While the concept of a locker is relatively simple (they are a box that locks) there is some terminology that is handy to know and can cause confusion for locker buyers. These essential locker…

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Standard Locker Sizes in Australia

standard Australian locker sizes drawing

Are you a bit confused by the variety and seeming complexity of lockers available in the market today? It’s a given that including lockers in you gym, pool or sports club is essential. This is because lockers provide you patrons with a secure place to store their belongings while they enjoy your facility, thereby encouraging…

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