Digilock Sola3 RFID Lock

Digilock Sola3 RFID Lock Hi Tech Lockers

DIGILOCK SOLA3 RFID LOCK A versatile electronic RFID designed to effortlessly secure day-use or private-use lockers. RFID lock No wires HID and Mifare compatibility Standalone RFID system, or integrate with existing onsite systems. Product Information Specifications Options Downloads Resources Product Information  IP55 rated for moisture and dust protection■ Powered by 4 AA batteries■ Battery Life:…

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Kitlock KL1000 RFID Card Lock

KL 1000 RFID Locker Lock

Kitlock KL100 RFID Locker Lock The KL1000 RFID Locker Lock is a simple, smart card lock providing codeless and keyless access to lockers. The KL1000 RFID offers functions for single users (Private Function) and short term use by multiple users (Public Function). The KL1000 RFID can be easily fitted to replace an existing cam lock,…

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Kitlock KL1100 RFID Card Lock

KL1100 RFID KitLock Locker Lock Featuring a stylish, slimline front plate, the KL1100 RFID gives any environment a modern, contemporary feel. Choose between offline or cloud based software options to configure your locks and cards. The KL1100 RFID is perfect for applications with a large quantity of lockers that would benefit from issuing and managing…

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Ojmar OTS20 Batteryless RFID Lock

OJMAR OTS20 BATTERYLESS LOCK OTS20 Batteryless is the first batteryless electronic lock on the market. No need to worry about replacing batteries, ever! Keep your space secure with encrypted data, ensuring the utmost protection. Turn your corporate office or Fitness centre into a more sustainable space. RFID lock No wires No Batteries No Maintenance Product…

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Keyless Locking – RFID Smart Card Lock HTL-3786

Keyless Locking – RFID Card Lock HTL-3786 The HTL-3786 keyless RFID lock is perfect for a wide variety of applications. Notably, it features a count down timer unlock feature, battery level indicator and manual override key. It is manufactured in a unique material, Grivory, which provides superior wireless reception for swipe cards whilst remaining durable.…

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