Where Should You Install Mobile Phone Lockers in Primary Schools?

Installing New Mobile Phone Lockers because of the mobile phone ban?


As addressed in our recent article, The new legislation has introduced a new logistical issue for all Australian primary schools. That is, where to install mobile phone lockers? The good news is, we’ve been out to some local Sydney schools for site assessments, helping locate the best possible positions for installation. So far we’ve encountered two issues. Limited space, and an aversion to giving primary school children a key that can be lost or stolen.

Solving the Limited Space Issue

Limited space is going to be a legitimate issue for many schools, with the best locker locations already being taken up by standard student lockers. Since student lockers are normally accessed throughout the school day, there’s no point telling students to “leave their phones in there lockers” since they will just check them during break times.

If a good location is proving difficult to find, we recommend the Mini Mobile Phone Lockers due to their ability to be wall mounted, and minimal depth. While a standard locker are generally between 450mm and 500mm deep, Mini Mobile Phone Lockers are only 200mm deep. Because each locker bank is only 600mm high and 200mm wide, a 1.2m high by 2m wide section of wall will net 80 student compartments.

Preventing Students from Needing More Keys

If students are already carrying student cards or keys for existing lockers, adding another key to their backpack doesn’t seem like a good idea. It also presents a security risk, where a lost, numbered key can easily be put into the students locker. We recommend either combination locks with emergency key override, or digital locks. This will give students confidence that they can always access their phone when they need it, whilst simultaneously providing teachers with unrestricted access. This is perfect in the case of a forgotten code.

Both of these options eliminate the need for a student key and can save time and money in the long run. Think about it: no more purchasing new keys. No more running to get the master key because a student lost their key in the playground. No phone calls from angry parents over expensive missing phones, demanding you replace it.

Top Tips for Mobile Phone Locker Placement in Your School

Great placement locations without your school are going to depend on a number of factors, but there are some key considerations that you may not have thought of, that we’ve addressed in recent site visits around Sydney.


DO Install Near Cameras – Stick close to line of site to cameras. A wall of mobile phones equates to thousands of dollars worth of tech. Tech that might just be the school’s liability, once they are taken from the control of the students.

DO Install in Staff Supervision Zones – Aim for locations that are constantly under supervision during break times, like near the canteen or administration blocks. Canteens usually have a teacher on duty that can prevent unauthorised student access, since during class time it’s unlikely to be an issue.

DO Source Australian Made – Hi Tech Lockers makes a point of supplying Australian made solutions. The biggest reason is the ability to cater to your school’s specific requirements. Mass produced items can seldom be modified whereas our range can be ordered to suit your school environment. The Lifetime warranty is a pretty good reason too.

DON’T Install in Out of Bounds Areas – Out of bounds is a big no no. Not just for students, but for expensive phones. With limited eyes in these areas and a magical way of attracting trouble-makers, out of bounds is… well… out of bounds.

DON’T Install Outside – Steel lockers, without even considering the water-sensitive cargo, are not well suited to outdoor environments. While you can get away with installation under pergolas, you must ensure that it’s not a location that is going to get direct rain fall if the wind is blowing. Even if the lockers themselves don’t rust (they’re all powder coated and can be primed for additional weather resistance), lock systems are seldom IP rated (water resistant).


Hopefully this has been enough to get you started. However, if this is overwhelming to you and you have been tasked with sourcing lockers for mobile phones, Hi Tech Lockers can help with a site visit. Even just a phone call might help provide some clarity. Contact us today.

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