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Welcome to Hi Tech Lockers, your ultimate destination for locker solutions tailored to your needs. As a trusted supplier, we offer an extensive selection of lockers crafted from steel, plastic and laminate. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, ensuring you receive the quality service synonymous with an Australian-owned company.

Whether you're outfitting a school, sports centre, office, hospital, or industrial facility, our versatile range has you covered. From traditional steel lockers with lifetime warranties to modern options featuring digital or smart card access, we provide solutions tailored to your specific requirements. With nationwide delivery available, including major cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast, accessing premium locker solutions has never been easier. Contact us today to experience exceptional service and surpass your expectations.

Select from our extensive range of heavy duty steel lockers, perfect for your

steel-lockers hi-tech-lockers
Australian Made Steel Lockers
Antibacterial Lockers
Antibacterial Lockers
The Style Lockers
digital mini locker
High Strength Mini Lockers
Powered Laptop Lockers – Australian Made
Step Locker | Z Locker
book locker australian made hi tech lockers
Australian Made Book Lockers
Tablet Locker Hi Tech Lockers
Tablet Locker – Australian Made
Australian Made Adjustable Shelf Locker
Australian Made Adjustable Shelf Locker
Australian Made Sports School Locker
Mail Locker Australian Made Closeup White Open
Mail Slot Lockers
Ambulant Half Height Locker Red 4 Door Open Australian Made
Ambulant Locker – Australian Made
Australian Made Horizontal Lockers
Clean and Dirty Lockers Australian Made
Australian Made Steel Custom Lockers
Antibacterial Cupboard 1850H Steel Australian Made
Antibacterial Steel Cupboards
Reinforced Mini Locker hi-tech-lockers
Phone Charging Lockers Australian Made
Golf Lockers
Bowls Locker
Snowsports Locker
Mixed-Open-Faced-and-Lockable-Door-Locker-Bank-White-Birch-side sml
Doorless Lockers and Open Faced Lockers
ventilated-locker-closed-hi-tech-lockers sml
Ventilated Lockers
anti graffiti lockers hi tech lockers
Anti Graffiti Lockers
Uniform Exchange Lockers Hang
uniform-exchange-locker-fold Hi-Tech-Lockers
Uniform Exchange Lockers Folded
Half Height Lockers
dual-compartment-blue-white hi-tech-lockers
Dual Compartment Lockers
Micro Lockers / High Density Mobile Phone Lockers
Admin Controlled Mini Lockers
multi device mobile locker
Multi Device Lockers
Stadium Locker – The Max
Stadium Locker – The Boot
Stadium Locker – The Lock
Stadium Locker – The Essential
Personal Locker
Large Utility Locker
One Door Steel Lockers
Two Door Steel Lockers
Three Door Steel Lockers
Four Door Steel Lockers
Five Door Steel Lockers
Six Door Steel Lockers
Eight Door Steel Lockers
Twelve Door Steel Lockers
Medium Height Lockers
Steel Police Lockers
Steel Police Lockers with Internal Lock Box
Executive Cupboard
Steel Executive Cupboards
Laptop Storage Lockers
Double Door Large Locker
Motorbike Gear Lockers
SKUBA Gear Lockers
Luggage Lockers – Extra Deep Storage
Uniform Drop Lockers
Uniform Backup Cupboards
HDPL1_1800_Red_side Plastic Locker 2
Heavy Duty One Door Plastic Locker
HDPL2_1800_red_side Plastic Locker
Heavy Duty Two Door Plastic Locker
HDPL3_1800_red_side Plastic Locker
Heavy Duty Three Door Plastic Locker
HDPL4_1800_red_side Plastic Locker
Heavy Duty Four Door Plastic Locker
HDPL6_1800_red_side Plastic Locker
Heavy Duty Six Door Plastic Locker
HDPL8_1800_red_side Plastic Locker
Heavy Duty Eight Door Plastic Locker
HDPL1_900_blue_side Half Height Plastic Locker
Heavy Duty Half Height One Door Plastic Locker
HDPL2_900_blue_side Half Height Plastic Locker
Heavy Duty Half Height Two Door Plastic Locker
HDPL4_900_blue_side Half Height Plastic Locker
Heavy Duty Half Height Four Door Plastic Locker
HDPL1_600_green_side Half Height Plastic Locker
Heavy Duty Third Height One Door Plastic Locker
HDPL2_600_green_side Half Height Plastic Locker
Heavy Duty Third Height Two Door Plastic Locker
HDPL1_450_grey_Side Half Height Plastic Locker
Heavy Duty Quarter Height One Door Plastic Locker
HDPL1_450_coffee_Side Half Height Plastic Locker
Heavy Duty Mini One Door Plastic Locker
Premium Steel Designer Lockers
1 Door Laminate Locker Black Hi Tech Lockers
One Door Laminate Locker
2 Door Laminate Locker Black Hi Tech Lockers
Two Door Laminate Locker
three Door Laminate Locker Black Hi Tech Lockers
Three Door Laminate Locker
Four Door Laminate Locker Black Hi Tech Lockers
Four Door Laminate Locker
Six Door Laminate Locker Black Hi Tech Lockers
Six Door Laminate Locker
Eight Door Laminate Locker Locker Black Hi Tech Lockers
Eight Door Laminate Locker
Twelve Door Laminate Locker Black Hi Tech Lockers
Twelve Door Laminate Locker
Z Locker Laminate Black Hi Tech Lockers
Z Door Laminate Locker
2 Tier ABS Plastic Locker
Two Door ABS Plastic Locker
3 Tier ABS Plastic Locker
Three Door ABS Plastic Locker
4 Tier ABS Plastic Locker
Four Door ABS Plastic Locker
6 Tier ABS Plastic Locker
Six Door ABS Plastic Locker
1 Tier Sixth Height ABS Plastic Lockers
One Door Sixth Height ABS Plastic Locker
1 Tier Quarter Height ABS Plastic Lockers
One Door Quarter Height ABS Plastic Locker
1 Tier Third Height ABS Plastic Lockers
One Door Third Height ABS Plastic Locker
1 Tier Half Height ABS Plastic Lockers
One Door Half Height ABS Plastic Locker
steel pigeon hole 20 white
Steel 20 Pigeon Hole Shelf Unit
steel pigeon hole 40 black
Steel 40 Pigeon Hole Shelf Unit

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