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Are you ready to fit out your gym with changeroom lockers or storage lockers while patrons train? Look no further. At Hi Tech Lockers we offer the widest range of Australian made gym lockers. We understands the needs of the modern gym. 24 hour gyms need staff-free solutions and standard gyms can benefit from automatically unlocked doors to prevent overnight storage.

Whatever your specific needs, Hi Tech Lockers has you covered.

Our steel gym locker range feature lifetime warranties, are supplied assembled and have a range of locking options. You won't be stuck reordering lost keys if you opt for our padlock, digital or smart card options.

Hi Tech Lockers can supply anywhere in Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast and more. Get in touch today and get ready to have your expectations exceeded.


Curious about lock options?

Our lockers can be equipped with shared-access digital locks, with automatic unlock timers if needed. Check out our article on lock options that will make locker administration significantly easier.

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Antibacterial Lockers
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