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    Budget is an important consideration for all our customers. Australian Made products cater to your precise needs, whereas imported products sacrifice options for pricing. We let you choose what is going to work for your project!

Hospital Lockers

Are you ready to fit out your hospital with new lockers? Look no further. At Hi Tech Lockers we offer the widest range of hospital lockers. Our practical understanding of your needs will ensure you buy with confidence. We exclusively supply Australian made lockers to ensure you have peace of mind with your purchase.


Whatever your specific needs, Hi Tech Lockers has you covered.

We understand that hospital lockers are used in a multitude of environments. Student hospitals, in-patient and day surgery, staff and dedicated doctor or surgeon lockers are just some of the storage requirements a busy hospital needs.

Our hospital locker ranges feature lifetime warranties, are supplied assembled and have a range of locking options, so you're not stuck reordering lost keys if you opt for our padlock, digital or smart card options.

Hi Tech Lockers can supply anywhere in Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast and more. Get in touch today and get ready to have your expectations exceeded.


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One Door Steel Lockers
Two Door Steel Lockers
Three Door Steel Lockers
Four Door Steel Lockers
Five Door Steel Lockers
Six Door Steel Lockers
Eight Door Steel Lockers
Twelve Door Steel Lockers
Half Height Lockers
Medium Height Lockers
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High Strength Mini Lockers
Tablet Locker Hi Tech Lockers
Tablet Locker – Australian Made
Reinforced Mini Locker hi-tech-lockers
Phone Charging Lockers Australian Made
Powered Laptop Lockers – Australian Made
Step Locker | Z Locker
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Australian Made Book Lockers
Australian Made Sports School Locker
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Australian Made Steel Lockers
The Style Lockers
Keyless Lockers
Antibacterial Lockers
Antibacterial Lockers
Australian Made Steel Custom Lockers
Ambulant Half Height Locker Red 4 Door Open Australian Made
Ambulant Locker – Australian Made
Uniform Exchange Lockers Hang
uniform-exchange-locker-fold Hi-Tech-Lockers
Uniform Exchange Lockers Folded
Clean and Dirty Lockers Australian Made

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Have you considered antimicrobial lockers? You should.

Are antimicrobial lockers right for your hospital? We believe they are. Antimicrobial lockers are relatively new in Australian and we're pioneering the trend. Check out our article and decide for yourself.