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Our powered lockers are available in three distinct styles and feature the safest power options available in the locker industry. Regardless of your preferred style, your charging lockers will include a safety overload switch and can feature your choice of Australian power points or USB charging.

Powered Locker Features

  • Australian Made from heavy gauge steel
  • Welded frame provides strength and stability
  • Door and rear ventilation for passive heat reduction
  • Powder coat finish
  • Warranty
    • Locker: Lifetime
    • Electrical Components: 1 Year

Charging Features

  • Safe - All outlets are protected by a Thermal Overload switch and comply with Australian standards.
  • Simple - Our charging lockers are softwired which means you can plug them into an existing wall socket. No electrician required. We can provide a hardwired option if your project requires it.
  • Options - supplied with a standard GPO per compartment, you can also swap it out for dual USB A or USB A and C per compartment.
  • 10 open compartment Powered Locker: 1800H x 380W x 500D
  • 1 locked door, 10 internal compartments Powered Locker: 1800H x 380W x 500D
  • 10 locked compartments Powered Locker: 1800H x 380W x 500D

All laptop charging lockers are 450mm deep for the locker but are quoted with the extra 50mm rear skirt that conceals the cables.

All dimensions are nominal.
Specifications can change without notice.
Custom sizes available upon request (minimum order quantities apply).

Product Options


Internal Options

Base Options

Door and External Options

Standard Locking

  • Uniquely numbered keys with master key option: 2 keys per door.
  • Provision for padlock suitable for 8mm hasp. BYO padlock, or choose heavy duty or combination padlock.

Advanced Locking / Keyless Locking

  • Mechanical Combination with tool-free user code changing.
  • Electronic Combination locking
  • Wet Area Electronic Combination locking
  • RFID Smart Card Locking
  • Coin Locking

Supply Your Own Locking

If you have a particular security requirement for your facility, or perhaps have a lock in use on other lockers and you can provide the model number or know where the lock comes from, we can often fit locks. Many locker locks are made using industry standard sizing, which makes customisation simple. Simply send the lock details to with your requirements for a quote.

We are experts at locker customisation and can provide the kinds of modifications that can only be provided by an Australian locker manufacturer. Our competitors simply can't compete with our cost effective and innovative solutions to custom projects that we offer.

Some of the modifications that we can accommodate, quantities depending, include:

  • Increasing or decreasing internal dimensions.
  • Adding or removing ventilation.
  • Styled perforations on locker doors, sides or shelves.
  • Custom locker internals to cater for any storage requirement, from sports equipment to overalls.
  • Custom colours, with access to the full range of Australian powder coat suppliers such as Dulux, Interpon, Jotun and more.
  • BYO lock systems to ensure integration with any security requirement.

This list is by no means exhaustive, so please contact us at with your brief to find out what is possible!

Colour Options

One of the benefits you can enjoy when selecting from our Australian Made product range is unrivalled access to the wide range of powder coat options available from Dulux, Interpon, Oxytech and other Australian powder coat manufacturers. The below colour options are colours that are kept in the factory, ready to be used at a moment's notice. If your project requires a specific colour however, our paint suppliers offer a wide range of "order in" and "made to order" colours.

Bright Colours

Traditional Colours

Ripple Finish (Textured)

Pearlescent Colours

Textura® Anti Mar Finish

FAQ about Charging Lockers

What type of charging ports are there?

There are 3 common types of charging ports.

  1. General Purpose Outlets (GPO) which is the Australian standard 3 prong outlet;
  2. Dual USB A ports;
  3. 1x USB A port and 1x USB C port.

Some less common options that are also available include;

  1. GPO with USB in the same compartment;
  2. Dual GPO.


How do charging lockers connect to power?

Charging lockers can either be softwired, which means they plug into an existing wall socket; or they can be hardwired, which requires a licensed electrician to install.

All of our charging lockers are supplied softwired as standard.

How many charging ports can be connected per wall plug?

Softwired (when you want to plug it into a wall socket)

For GPOs, the maximum we recommend is 10 ports per wall socket. This ensures that risk of overloading the circuit is minimal. However, it depends on what your users are charging. 10 kettles drain far more power than 10 laptops.

For USB, we can comfortably connect up to 30 compartments to a single power point.


Hardwiring can increase the amount of ports per wall connection. However, a licensed electrician is required for installation.

Can I get a Qi or wireless charging locker?

We are currently investigating the best way to incorporate Qi charging into locker shelves. If this is something you are interested in, please let us know.

Can I get a long run of lockers all connected to one power point?

Providing we adhere to our maximum recommendations of 10 GPOs per wall socket, we can provide lockers in long runs. This is especially beneficial in circumstances where you need tall lockers with 1 charging port each and do not want to have excessive wall sockets in use.

Our powered lockers are daisy chained together, so that in circumstances where you need the power to run in long lengths, we can supply the lockers un-linked. We then either provide installation, or you can plug them in yourself once they are in position.

What if the electrical components need a service?

Since the lockers are usually against a wall, we innovated a rear "skirt". The skirt conceals the cables from the sides, but has an open panel if you pull the locker off the wall. This ensures easy maintenance of cables or the ports themselves. It also has ventilation on the top, to allow any heat generated from charging to rise and escape.

How safe are charging lockers?

Charging lockers feature a safety overload switch that shuts off the circuit if too many devices are attempting to be charged at once.

The electrical components are sourced from premium companies such as CMS Electracom and Elsafe Australia. Their products all strictly comply with Australian and New Zealand safety standards: AS/NZS61535. 1:2003 and AS/NZS 3112 : 2011.

The parts are supplied to us in segments that plug and play - no electrician is required in house. The only time an electrician is requires is if you opt for a hardwired solution.

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