A versatile electronic RFID designed to effortlessly secure day-use or private-use lockers.

  • RFID lock

  • No wires

  • HID and Mifare compatibility

  • Standalone RFID system, or integrate with existing onsite systems.

 IP55 rated for moisture and dust protection
Powered by 4 AA batteries
Battery Life: 115,000 cycles*
Up to 5 year warranty

 Touch RFID operation
Narrow body style
Offset or flat cam
Electronic key management
Dual functionality - shared or assigned use
All metal housing with knob pull
Brushed nickel finish
Surface mount
Designed for new or retrofit installations
Multiple cylinder lengths available
Visual & audible indicators
Compatible RFID standards:
ISO 14443A
ISO 14443B
ISO 15693

OTS®20 Batteryless Cards


OTS®20 Batteryless Wristbands

OTS20 Batteryless Lock - Installation and Assembly Manual

OTS20 Batteryless Lock - Installation and Assembly Manual

OTS20 Batteryless Lock - Quick Guide

OTS20 Batteryless Lock - Quick Guide





Frequently Asked Questions

With such a large range of locks available, it can be challenging to pick the best type of lock. We suggest you consider how many users you intend to support, how much maintenance you are prepared to do vs your initial budget, your security requirements and what user experience you would like to provide. To help you answer these questions, please contact us today.

Some locks can be easily retrofitted into the industry standard lock hole in our locker doors. However, many more cannot, particularly many digital and combination locks. If you think you may want to upgrade your locks in future, talk to us! We can advise on which lock options you can select from and walk you through the projected costs of upgrading at a later stage.

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