Remote Allocation System (RAS)

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The Remote Allocation System is an innovative locking program that allows you to manage your locks with a web portal, avoiding the need to be present at the lock. The codes can expire after a single use for parcel systems, or work continuously until a new code is issued, such as in locker-hire scenarios.

How it Works

Using the Remote Allocation System (RAS) lock management software, new user codes are generated online. When the user enters it into their lock it immediately replaces the old code. This ensures safe and secure access for new users without an administrator needing to be present.


Ideal Applications


Envision a world where each term doesn't require manually resetting every locker code across your school, college, or university campus. Provide your students with the reassurance of an intelligent locker system, enabling them to concentrate more on their studies.

  • Eliminates the need for hands-on locker code resets every term.
  • At the beginning of each term, students receive their new locker number and corresponding code via email.
  • The website allows for bulk uploads of locker allocations.
  • In case of forgotten codes, they can conveniently be retrieved or reset via the website.

Secure Enclosure Environments

Facilitate easier access to enclosures using our lock management software.

  • Perfect for equipment enclosures maintained by a team of technicians.
  • When at the enclosure, the technician contacts the hub and provides the locker number.
  • The hub operator retrieves the next code from the website and communicates it to the technician, allowing access to the locker's locks.

Parcel Collection

Enhance your parcel collection process with our sophisticated lock management software.

  • Ideal for courier companies, parcel collection points or retail shops providing contactless or after hour collection lockers.
  • The products are placed into the locker by staff. They email or text the door number and access code to the person picking up.
  • The customer collects from the allocated locker.
  • The locker code expires after a single use in this case, to prevent any future unauthorised access by a previous customer.


With our innovative locking systems, assigning rental lockers becomes effortlessly manageable for you and convenient for your customers.

  • The front desk associate picks an available locker through the online booking calendar.
  • The website generates a new lock access code and reserves the selected period for the customer.
  • The customer receives their lock access code either directly from the receptionist or via email from the website.

Personal Storage

RAS eliminates the complexities associated with managing personal storage lockers on a large scale.

In fast-paced workplaces, flexible storage solutions are essential as employees transition in and out.

  • To assign a locker to a new user, just create a new code and deliver it directly to them.
  • The previous code gets erased as soon as this new code is used.
  • In case a user leaves with their code or loses it, effortlessly generate another code to regain access.

Training Hospitals

Our system streamlines locker management in training hospitals, accommodating the constant flux of students.

Training hospitals require adaptive locker solutions due to the steady rotation of students.

  • To allocate a locker room from a central location in the hospital, simply generate a new code and send it directly to the student.
  • Upon the use of this new code, the previous code becomes invalid.
  • Even if a student departs with their code or misplaces it, a new code can easily be generated to facilitate access.

Technical Explanation - How Does RAS Actually Work?

The locks we use for our Remote Allocation System are not network devices and have no internet connection. So how does it work? Our technical expert, Michael, explains:

RAS locks have a built in algorithm that creates a new unique code in a set sequence. Each lock has a slightly different variable inserted, such as the door number, which creates unique results across all of the lockers available at a facility. This confidential algorithm is programmed into the administrator's web portal. Since the lock and the web portal are using the same algorithm, they don't need to communicate to each other directly, like other access management systems do. They're always "in sync" so the user will only ever know the code when it's issued from the administrator.

Frequently asked Questions about Remote Allocation System

There are no ongoing fees for the software when you purchase the Remote Allocation System from Hi Tech Lockers. Lifetime access to the cloud based management portal is included up front.