Keyless Locking - RFID Card Lock HTL-3786


The HTL-3786 keyless RFID lock is perfect for a wide variety of applications. Notably, it features a count down timer unlock feature, battery level indicator and manual override key. It is manufactured in a unique material, Grivory, which provides superior wireless reception for swipe cards whilst remaining durable.

HTL-3786 Features

  • Smart Card lock operating on the Mifare standard.
  • Private or Public Modes
  • Automatic unlock on a countdown timer
  • Battery level indicator and battery level check function
  • Audible keypad
  • 2x AA batteries with up to 15,000 cycles per pair
  • Three point or single point locking
  • 1 x Override Key (not a user key) supplied per order.
  • Dimensions: 145mmH x 46mmW x 30mmD


  • Additional code finder keys available for purchase.

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