KL1100 RFID KitLock Locker Lock

Featuring a stylish, slimline front plate, the KL1100 RFID gives any environment a modern, contemporary feel.

Choose between offline or cloud based software options to configure your locks and cards. The KL1100 RFID is perfect for applications with a large quantity of lockers that would benefit from issuing and managing Card Clients from reception desks, for example, gyms, leisure centres, hospitals, hotels, schools and universities.

The KL1100 RFID is easy to install, operate and manage, featuring a powered latch enabling intuitive ‘push shut’ closing. Available in a Metallic Silver or Gloss Black finish.

  • Master Card
  • Technician Card
  • Standalone Mode
  • RCA (Remote Card Authorisation) Mode via offline or cloud-based software
  • Local management via plug-in Keypad Programmer (sold separately)
  • Date and time-based features
  • Powered latch
  • Battery override
  • Override code
  • MIFARE® Classic 1k compatible cards, fobs or wristbands can be used

Standalone Mode

Standalone Mode requires a Keypad Programmer (sold separately) for adding/removing cards and managing functions of the lock. 

RCA Mode

Remote Card Authorisation (RCA) Mode offers remote management allowing Card Clients to be authorised via a PC using offline or cloud based software and a USB Card Reader (sold separately) . 

Battery Override: Connect to 5V micro USB power source for temporary power

Brand: KitLock by Codelocks

Clients – Smart Cards: Master, Technician, User, Initialisation, Block and Audit - Supports MIFARE® Classic 1k

Door Thickness: Ready to fit doors up to 25mm (1")

Finish: Gloss Black, Metallic Silver

Function: Private, Public

IP Rating: IP55 when fitted with gasket

Latch Type: Powered Latch

Lock Dimensions: 138mm (H) x 38mm (W) x 12.5mm (D)

Lock Material: Mixed Plastic and Alloy

Low Battery Warning: Red LED will flash 3 times before unlocking

Memory: Non-volatile memory - programming will be retained

Operations: Up to 100,000 operations

Orientation: Vertical, Left Handed, Right Handed

Power: 4 x 1.5 volt AA batteries (supplied)

Suitable For: Internal

User Types: Card

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Frequently Asked Questions

With such a large range of locks available, it can be challenging to pick the best type of lock. We suggest you consider how many users you intend to support, how much maintenance you are prepared to do vs your initial budget, your security requirements and what user experience you would like to provide. To help you answer these questions, please contact us today.

Some locks can be easily retrofitted into the industry standard lock hole in our locker doors. However, many more cannot, particularly many digital and combination locks. If you think you may want to upgrade your locks in future, talk to us! We can advise on which lock options you can select from and walk you through the projected costs of upgrading at a later stage.

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