Mobile phone lockers work in a variety of environments. Their small compartment and purpose-built design makes them perfect for schools looking to remove distractions from the classroom, or a casino looking to enforce "no-phone" policies. Whatever your need, Hi Tech Lockers has you covered.

Our steel mobile phone locker range feature lifetime warranties, are supplied assembled and have a range of locking options. You won't be stuck reordering lost keys if you opt for our padlock, digital or smart card options.

Hi Tech Lockers can supply anywhere in Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast and more. Get in touch today and get ready to have your expectations exceeded.

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Mini lockers offer students a safe and practical way to store their phones while they are in class.
These lockers are tiny and space-saving, taking up the least amount of room in the school, and they are made to guard against theft and damage to phones.

They also support a concentrated learning environment by reducing distractions.
In order to guarantee that only the owner has access to their phone, Hi Tech Lockers can supply mini lockers with a digital pin code, combination, RFID, key or padlock.

Mini mobile phone lockers are an excellent investment for both schools and students due to their small size, security features, and adaptability.

Are you up to date in your school with mobile phone lockers?

In January 2018 new legislation requires that all public primary schools prevent students from having their phones during school hours. Check out our recommendations to get your school up to speed.

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