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The ventilation locker, or perforated locker, is exceptionally good at one thing: keeping airflow at a maximum in order to aerate the clothing inside.

Ventilation Lockers will help reduce smell and bacteria growth by airing out dirty clothing. You could even consider using antimicrobial powder coat to further protect your locker room!

Ventilation Locker Features

  • Australian Made from heavy gauge steel
  • Fully perforated doors and body in your choice of round or square perforations.
  • Welded frame provides strength and stability
  • Personal compartment on single tier
  • Hanging rail and side hooks on 1 and 2 tier lockers
  • Powder coat finish
  • Lifetime Warranty
BioCote antimicrobial locker logo

Want to keep it hygenic?

If you want to reduce odours, eliminate bacterial spread and kill harmful microbes ask for your garment lockers to include BioCote® antimicrobial protection.

Available in White Satin, kills 99% of harmful microbes in 2 hours.

Please note, ventilated lockers are available with a variety of tiers/doors:

  • Half Height: 1 - 6 tiers
  • Full Height: 1 - 12 tiers

300mm wide lockers

  • Half Height Ventilation Locker: 960H x 300W x 450D
  • Full Height Ventilation Locker: 1800H x 300W x 450D

380mm wide lockers

  • Half Height Ventilation Locker: 960H x 380W x 450D
  • Full Height Ventilation Locker: 1800H x 380W x 450D


All dimensions are nominal.
Specifications can change without notice.
Custom sizes available upon request (minimum order quantities apply).

  • Sloping Tops
  • Locker Plinths
  • Locker Stands
  • Locker Stands with Seat
  • Add more perforations, for increased aeration
  • Number plaques

Standard Locking

  • Uniquely numbered keys with master key option: 2 keys per door.
  • Provision for padlock suitable for 8mm hasp. BYO padlock, or choose heavy duty or combination padlock.

Advanced Locking / Keyless Locking

  • Mechanical Combination with tool-free user code changing.
  • Electronic Combination locking
  • Wet Area Electronic Combination locking
  • RFID Smart Card Locking
  • Coin Locking

Supply Your Own Locking

If you have a particular security requirement for your facility, or perhaps have a lock in use on other lockers and you can provide the model number or know where the lock comes from, we can often fit locks. Many locker locks are made using industry standard sizing, which makes customisation simple. Simply send the lock details to with your requirements for a quote.

We are experts at locker customisation and can provide the kinds of modifications that can only be provided by an Australian locker manufacturer. Our competitors simply can't compete with our cost effective and innovative solutions to custom projects that we offer.

Some of the modifications that we can accommodate, quantities depending, include:

  • Increasing or decreasing internal dimensions.
  • Adding or removing ventilation.
  • Styled perforations on locker doors, sides or shelves.
  • Custom locker internals to cater for any storage requirement, from sports equipment to overalls.
  • Custom colours, with access to the full range of Australian powder coat suppliers such as Dulux, Interpon, Jotun and more.
  • BYO lock systems to ensure integration with any security requirement.

This list is by no means exhaustive, so please contact us at with your brief to find out what is possible!

Enquire about this product

Enquire about this product

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Colour Options

The below colour options are stocked colours. If you can't find the colour you want, not to worry! If you know the colour code, you can email us your requirements at, or browse the Dulux colour range at Dulux Powder Coatings.

Bright Colours

Traditional Colours

Ripple Finish (Textured)

Pearlescent Colours

Textura® Anti Mar Finish

Sablé™ Fine Texture Finish

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