Antimicrobial 3 Tier Half Height Locker / Antibacterial 3 Tier Half Height Locker

$460.90 inc. GST

Our Antimicrobial Step Lockers, which by default are also antibacterial lockers, have been independently tested as having 99.99% reduction of E. Coli and MRSA superbugs. The antimicrobial technology from BioCote® is infused within the powder coat itself, making it non-leaching and effective for the life of the locker.

  • Australian Made Lockers
  • Fully recyclable steel body
  • Single Point Locking
  • Door Ventilation
  • Delivered assembled

Allows you to select a door colour different to the body colour to create a dual colour product. If you leave this field blank, the locker will be supplied completely in one colour only.

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3 Tier Half Height Locker Antimicrobial Locker Technology from BioCote

  • Powder coat treated with BioCote® prior to application on locker
  • Only colour available is White Satin (industry standard White).
  • Prevents growth of harmful superbugs including E. Coli and MRSA
  • Reduces the risk of cross contamination in a variety of situations including hospitals, gyms, schools, food industry and other public access environments.
  • Non-leaching technology ensures effectiveness of the treatment for the life of the lockers.

3 Tier Half Height Locker Antimicrobial Locker Features

  • Two standard sizes – 950H x 300W x 455D and 950H x 380W x 455D
  • Galvanised Metal Construction. The Antimicrobial locker range is manufactured from zinc galvanised metal to ensure a quality finish and reduce the risk of rust forming.
  • Ventilated Doors. Perforated ventilation in the doors allows fresh air to circulate.
  • Powdercoat Paint. A quality powdercoat paint is electrostatically applied and then baked to the galvanised metal surface.
  • Locking System. A variety of locking methods are available to cater for any number of employees or patrons.
  • Strength. Lockers can encounter harsh treatment but with a one piece wrap around body on each locker, welded body construction and robust internally fitted door hinging you can expect a lifetime of use.
  • Banking. For ease of installation or to increase stability and rigidity, lockers can be banked 2 or 3 wide in any configuration of door options.

3 Tier Half Height Locker Antimicrobial Locker Optional Modifications

  • Digital pin code locks, Automatic timer locks, mechanical combination locks, RFID and Smart Card locks, or even BYO locks!
  • Sloping tops
  • Locker stands

If you want a modified locker, need more information or data sheets on the antimicrobial powder coating, or need to enquire about a quote for a large order, please get in touch using the form below.

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