Standard Locker Sizes in Australia

Are you a bit confused by the variety and seeming complexity of lockers available in the market today? It’s a given that including lockers in you gym, pool or sports club is essential. This is because lockers provide you patrons with a secure place to store their belongings while they enjoy your facility, thereby encouraging them to hang around. This article addresses the standard locker sizes for Australia, because providing lockers ill-suited to the environment or not enough to service the number of patrons will eventually lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Whilst we do offer a wide range of heights, widths and depths for our lockers, the below details outline the industry standard for Australian locker rooms. Sometimes cutting it back to basics can help provide a platform from which you can design your perfect locker room. The following information will assist in cutting out the clutter and simplifying your locker room.


Locker Sizes

The total height of a standard locker is usually 1800mm, however this height is increased with the addition of stands or stands with seating, to approximately 2250mm. The standard width is 300mm, although ideally a provision of lockers should be 380mm to cater for larger bags. The standard depth of a locker is usually 450mm which is enough to hang normal clothing.

Locker Types

Around 10% of the lockers should be single tier/door. This allows for flexibility in hanging space as well as the storage of mobility aids. Two tier/door lockers are the most frequently used size, therefore they should account for 50 – 70% of the space. Finally, the remainder can be split between three and four door lockers, or even smaller if required.

Locker Design

A good locker room is intuitive. Locks should have instructions available if required. Doors should be numbered and if catering to visually impaired patrons, be readable by touch. Where there are large banks of lockers you should provide orientation assistance in the form of colour breaks, like seen in parking garages.

Locker Internals

Locker internals should cater to the patrons anticipated requirements. Not all lockers need to be identical. Some lockers can feature charging options for mobile phones. Some lockers may require hanging rails and coat hooks. 


Locker room design does not have any hard and fast rules. You don’t always have to use standard locker sizes. Be sure to work with your customers’ needs. We recommend you treat the above points as guidelines to creating a well-rounded locker room, as opposed to gospel.

If you need help with your next project or just need a quick answer on room layout, get in touch with the experienced team at Hi Tech Lockers today.

Credit where credit’s due

An article by about standard locker sizes in the UK was the inspiration for this Buying Guide. We have adapted the information for the Australian market as our standard locker sizes are different.

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