Steel Lockers: A Comprehensive Overview

The Advantages of Choosing Steel Lockers for Your Storage Needs

Steel lockers are a great option for a variety of settings, including gyms, offices, and schools. They offer a number of benefits, making them a fantastic choice for these locations. Our steel lockers’ quality and longevity are two of its major advantages because they are made from heavy-gauge steel sourced from BlueScope. They are designed to survive repeated opening and closing. They are also naturally fire resistant, which in some settings could be a deciding factor.

Steel lockers are also incredibly secure and excel at protecting the contents kept inside. They can feature a variety of locking options, including key, or combination locks and keyless digital solutions in premium configurations. They are therefore an excellent choice for storing phones and items like keys and wallets in office, industrial or school settings.

Bright and Cheery Steel Lockers in Lemon Yellow

Comparing steel locker sizes to find the best fit for your needs

There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing the right size steel locker for your project or establishment. First, consider the goods that will be kept in the locker. If your staff, or customers plan to store bulkier, heavier goods like sports gear or luggage, then you’ll need to consider a larger locker with the option for reinforced shelves for peace of mind. If you own a gym establishment and want a secure storage option for your patrons to store valuables like car keys, wallets, and mobile phones, a smaller steel locker might be sufficient. We have an excellent range of mini lockers that you can browse here. We have fitted out gym chains, including Anytime Fitness with some of these options.

What paint and colour options does Hi Tech Lockers provide

The advantage of choosing from our Hi Tech product line is unmatched access to the broad selection of powder coat alternatives provided by some of our suppliers, including Dulux, Interpon and Oxytech. The factory has the following colour selections on hand and is available for usage at any time. However, if your project calls for a specific colour, our paint suppliers have an extensive selection of “made to order” hues.
You can read our article on the topic, but a quick summary: once a colour is chosen, there are generally 4 performance powder coats for lockers that are sought after.

Steel Lockers come in hundreds of colours!
  • Anti-bacterial or anti-microbial powder coat: A powder coat that resists bacteria or microbes, resulting in a cleaner locker room.
  • Anti-mar / ultra durable powder coat: A powder coat that limits the risk of scratches and marks from abrasive objects.
  • Anti-Grafitti powder coat: A coating that stops vandals from doing lasting damage to coated lockers.
  • Priming coat: A pre-coat that creates an additional layer between the substrate and the air or moisture of the environment, providing greater resistance to rust.

Keyless Steel Lockers: A Modern Storage Solution

When compared to conventional key-based locking systems, keyless locking options for steel lockers have various advantages, including greater security. Keyless locks remove the possibility of lost or stolen keys, which can be a potential security risk. A great example is gyms, where patrons can exercise without babysitting a locker key. After their workout is complete, they can quickly and conveniently open their lockers.

Overall, keyless locking solutions for steel lockers provide more accountability, convenience, and security. They remove the possibility of misplaced or stolen keys, permit quick and simple access, and ensure easy administrative emergency access. Keyless locking systems are an excellent alternative for a range of settings due to these advantages.

Manufactured Match: Steel Locker Stands and Bench Seating

Just like our steel locker range, we manufacture locker room seating from locally sourced materials. These stands and seating are perfect for use in a variety of settings such as gyms, schools, and workplaces. Our locker stands provide a sturdy and stable base for your steel lockers. This prevents them from tipping over and causing damage or hurting someone. They also raise the lockers off the ground. This makes it easier to clean and maintain the area underneath as well as avoiding water run of from shower rooms. Not only that, but they also offer additional storage space, which can be used to store shoes, bags or other items.

Lockers on stands with integrated hardwood seating


Steel lockers are a great option for a variety of settings such as gyms, offices, and schools because of their quality and longevity made from heavy-gauge steel sourced from BlueScope, designed to survive repeated opening and closing over decades. They offer a variety of locking options including key or combination locks and keyless digital solutions. The size of the locker should be considered based on the goods that will be kept in the locker. An advantage of choosing from our Hi Tech Lockers product line is unparalleled access to the broad selection of powder coats provided by our suppliers. We also manufacture locker stands and seating that are perfect for use in a variety of settings such as gyms, schools, and workplaces.

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