Locker Stewardship Program

Creating Locker Room Spaces Without the Guilt

Sustainable Solutions with Hi Tech Lockers' Stewardship Program

At Hi Tech Lockers, we believe that the responsibility of an environmentally-conscious business doesn't stop at providing high-quality, long-lasting products. It stretches further to ensure that the entire life cycle of our products contributes positively to the environment. We've embodied this belief in our Stewardship Program, a strategic component of our overarching Sustainability Plan.

You don't need to have purchased them from us. They just need to be steel.

Through our Stewardship Program, we pledge to take your old steel lockers, irrespective of whether they were initially purchased from us or not, and recycle them in an environmentally responsible manner. As you upgrade to new, high-tech lockers, we promise to handle the decommissioning of your old units, thereby ensuring a seamless transition while upholding our sustainability values.

Reducing landfill, one locker room at a time.

The core benefit of this program goes beyond just a convenient service. When you choose to participate, you directly contribute to waste reduction and material recycling. This is because steel lockers, when left to waste, can create an environmental burden. However, when recycled properly, the same lockers can serve as a valuable resource for creating new products.

Our Stewardship Program is a demonstration of our commitment to a sustainable future. We're not just selling lockers; we're working to establish a closed-loop system where materials are kept in use for as long as possible. By partnering with us and participating in our program, your business becomes a part of a proactive solution that fosters sustainability and promotes a greener future.

Make the Eco-Friendly choice by choosing Hi Tech Lockers for your next locker purchase.

Choose Hi Tech Lockers for your locker needs. Not only do we promise quality and innovation, but we also provide you the opportunity to make an eco-friendly choice that aligns with your business's values. With us, going green is as simple as upgrading your lockers. Make the switch today and let's create a sustainable future together.

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