Stop Graffiti on School Lockers: Tips When Buying Lockers for Your School

How to Stop Graffiti on School Lockers

Graffiti is a common problem in many school environments. Not just in locker rooms or on lockers in hallways, some students just have an urge to damage property. Perhaps they don’t understand the value, perhaps they’re just acting out. Regardless as to why students graffiti lockers, it burdens the school administration with additional costs of…

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Why Antibacterial lockers are Australia’s next essential fitout requirement

Antibacterial Lockers

It’s widely understood that lockers are a high traffic item. There are multiple reasons for this. The increase in prevalence of hot-desking; where multiple employees share the same lockers throughout the work week. The development of better digital technology; allowing public access with secure locking 24 hours a day.  The potential for transfer for harmful…

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